Visualizing Our Emerging Future – Revised by Frank Diana.

Visualizing Our Emerging Future – Revised by Frank Diana.

Franck Diana, an American recognized futurist, just released on his blog a revised version of how he visualized our emerging future. 

“Convergence across aspects of science, technology, economic forces, politics, society, our environment, and a growing conversation around ethics, is creating a highly uncertain world. At the heart of the pace dynamic is the exponential progression of science and technology – reflected in the first piece of the visual.”

It might be very interesting to matrix the different human reactions scenarios within a context of acceleration of Time. 

These major shifts are also matters of direct concern for politicians & intellectuals & public policies servants :

  1. how to master them?
  2. How to explain them?
  3. How to regulate them?
  4. how to face the widening of social and territorial divides?
  5. how to avoid the temptation of inward-looking and rejection attitudes from citizens?

At the same time, Philippe MOREAU DEFARGES – just released his new book “La tentation du repli” trying to explain the tight link between globalization major stages in humankind history and the inward-looking & protectionist attitudes increasing.

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